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What is wrong with the dogs not eating dog treats recently?

What is wrong with the dogs not eating dog treats recently?


If a dog does not eat dog treat for a long time, it will be deficient in nutrition and lead to poor development. If a dog does not eat dog treat, it will affect its health. Next, let's talk with Petideal Dog Treats Suppliers to find out why the dog has not eaten dog treat recently.

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Reasons for your dog not eating dog treat recently

Usually dogs eat too much, the stomach can not digest, do not want to eat dog treat; Over-feeding, so dogs don't want to eat bland food; Because changing dog treat breeds too frequently, dogs can't adapt, which can also make dogs don't want to eat dog treat; If it does not eat all the time, it is possible that stomach appeared a problem, and should be checked to the hospital in time.

1. Overfeeding

If let the dog dog eating food at ordinary times, the dog will be consuming too much things, intestines and stomach is not digested in time, can appear don't want to eat dog treat, attention should be paid to control every time eat, can eat much food less, it is ok to keep eight full, but also to the intestinal digestion, don't let the dog dog health problems.

2. Too many snacks

Found that dogs do not like to eat dog treat recently, the reason is that the daily snacks are too much, and in the feeding also do not pay attention to control the amount, snacks eat too much, naturally will not want to eat the main food, especially most of the snacks are meat, delicious, dog treat taste light, so dogs do not want to eat dog treat.

3. dog treat replacement

There are many kinds of dog treat, have different tastes, and some are aimed at the dog body lack a certain nutrients, how changing foods frequently, can cause a dog will not like to eat dog treat, because just to adapt to a dog treat, was suddenly change can affect dogs mood, will begin to don't want to eat dog treat, also can cause the dog body lack of nutrients.

Gastrointestinal problems

If the dog didn't eat dog treat, in addition to some objective factors, feeding may be it's intestines and stomach problems, should be taken to hospital in time for inspection, don't let the dog dog for indigestion, anorexia symptoms such as severe gastroenteritis, make intestines and stomach can feed some probiotics at ordinary times, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis dogs digestion.

How can I correct my dog for not eating dog treats

If the dog won't eat food, try placing a bowl of food at a fixed point at a fixed time and removing the bowl if the dog can't finish eating within 15 minutes. But for some dogs that like to hide food, owners need to reprimand them and exercise to increase their dog's need for food.

1. fixed feeding

If your dog doesn't like dog treat, try fixed-point feeding. A food bowl with dog treat was placed in a fixed place at a fixed time every day and taken away within 15 minutes before the dog finished eating. No snacks were given during the period. In this way, the dog will be hungry and eat dog treat.

2. timely reprimand

If the dog does not eat the food, or appears to bury it in a mound or other undetectable place, the owner needs to reprimand the dog immediately. If the dog is found to be wasting food, the owner can reprimand the dog with a stern word and give the dog a little hard slap on the back.

3. Exercise more

If dogs really don't like dog treat, try increasing their exercise. Dogs use up a lot of energy during exercise and will soon feel hungry. At this point, when the owner gives the dog treat, the dog is more willing to accept it.

How to choose dog treats?

When choosing dog treat, it is best to choose a product that is mainly made of meat and contains natural antioxidants. Choose puppy or adult food, dry or wet food according to your dog's physical condition. Calculating the price of each bag into how many meals and for how long will help you select the most economical dog treat Even if you do decide, buy small packages first and don't buy too many at once.

1. Know the ingredients

Meat provides more variety and quality protein than cereal, so knowing the top three ingredients of dog treats, meat as the main component of dog treat is better for buying and feeding your dog. Also, vitamins C and E, along with citric acid and rosemary, are natural antioxidants that are good for your dog's health and should be taken into account when buying dog treat.

2. because of the dog

Choose a diet based on your dog's age, breed and other distinct characteristics. For example, puppies should be fed puppy food until they are eight months old and adult food as they grow older. Dogs with dental problems or older age are more likely to be fed wet food rather than dry food.

3. Be careful with your budgets

Roughly calculate the number of meals per kilogram of food and the total number of meals per bag based on the dog's body size. Compared to the cost of each meal, some dog treat is more expensive but can be eaten for a longer period of time, which is actually more economical than cheaper dog treat.

4. Product trial

There is a wide variety of dog treat on the market. When buying new dog treat, don't buy too much at one time to avoid wasting dog treat due to allergies or dislikes. If the store has a trial, buy a little to try first, and then buy a formal suit if you have no problem.

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