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What is the stomach twist? Stomach turn processing treatment

by:PetIdeal     2021-04-02
What is the stomach twist? A stomach reverse processing treatment, what is the stomach twist ( 膨胀) : is the stomach is great impact force. And ligament is connected between the spleen and stomach, so in general the spleen and stomach will reverse. After gastric torsion fail due to blood can hit, along with the rest of the internal organs ischemia necrosis shock caused by death. Because the disease usually occurs in large dogs, large breed strength is bigger, but also makes great leeway in the abdominal cavity, easy to pick up a frisbee while on the run when acceleration when tumble on the ground, causing the stomach big shaking ( When there is food in the stomach or water) , so the stomach flip. In prone to breed, the golden retriever among them, the great Dane, GSD after breeds. The cause of the stomach twist: when the stomach is empty, there is no strength can make stomach flip, shaking once the stomach has weight, Such as after satiate drink lots of water after rapid panting cause there is quite a lot of air in the stomach, and have great let stomach shaking force, it is possible to make the turn, form the stomach turn. Too much stress can cause stomach turn, such as dogs, mating, pup, boarding, just arrived home, and so on. Three, reverse the symptoms of stomach: gastric torsion usually just occurs, the dog dog will not be immediately obvious symptoms. Such as the following conditions occurs, usually has a period of time ( So high fatality rate) : � irritable, � vomiturition, I've always wanted to spit, spit out) � oral gum to bleach harden swelling pain � � abdomen of drooling back � � arch splenomegaly � � shortness of breath or difficulties shock, four, stomach reverse processing treatment: gastric torsion condition occurs when the dog, don't hesitate, the hospital at once. Let the doctor, in general will be taking on swelling of the stomach is deflated back flip, the stomach, unless you won't be able to reach hospital in a short period of time, otherwise don't refer to the pet is deflated. There is some risk! ! ! Five, the stomach to reverse the prevention of postoperative note: 1, to avoid after the meal, 1 hour or longer) Drink lots of water (after 20 - Within 30 minutes) Let the motion of intense of pet, such as running jump back; 2, pets, sports nor a feeding a large amount of water; 3, don't a fed too much food can be divided into 2 - best 3 meals; 4, had the stomach to reverse the pet is generally pet easy to relapse, so try to avoid strenuous run and jump back behavior;
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