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What is the difference between cheap dog food and expensive?

by:PetIdeal     2021-02-27
Is everyone's right to a dog, but a dog is also a live technical, for dog family, but buy dog food everyday expenses, have friends ask small make up exactly is to feed your dog a kilo SanWuKuai dog food, or a few pieces of a kilo of dog food? This is the major concern of everyone. So what is the difference between cheap dog food and expensive? Shanghai pet supplies of small make up to you in detail, interested friends can come and look at! In general the difference between your dog food and cheap dog food mainly depends on the price, the selection of raw materials, research and development costs, the use of additives, etc. 1, material selection standards are different. Because of the cost control, raw material selection is not very good, cheap dog food such as 3 without domestic dog food, such as your dog LiangSuo using the main raw materials are fresh raw materials, there is no overdue metamorphism and cheap dog LiangSuo using the raw materials are usually some animal bodies and elaboration. 2, on research and development costs are different. Cheap dog food in addition to the cheap price, the others are all faults. Your dog food in the purchase of raw materials with strict standards, not only in the research and development of new formula, new tastes and more rigorous, costs are believed to be higher than the small factory products. And a lot of cheap dog food formula is a formula, the use of more than 10 years ago not to mention the dog food raw materials. 3, the use of additives. Cheap dog food with makings is very poor, and there are many additives, dogs often eat will be sick. Your dog treats most main raw materials come from natural, do not add any artificial chemical synthetic preservatives, antioxidants, etc. , is made up of meat, fresh and pure natural grain, plant, animal fat, mixture of natural antioxidant and so on, after extrusion forming granulating. Big brands of dog food are not cheap, general dog food prices ranging from $100 to thousands of. , even if the price is too cheap dog food businesses advertising played again ring cannot be good dog food, want to choose a good dog food for my dogs, small make up 10 yuan per kilogram of the following is not recommended, dog owners if think dog food is too expensive, can choose a dog at home to do some homemade dog food to eat. Internet has a lot of homemade dog food formula, can search to see see. There is a saying good, dog food a penny a points goods, in addition to good dog food you do not have what shortcomings, in addition to the cheap cheap dog food do not have what advantage, judge of a dog food brand, not only see the price, also consider the service effect, service professional degrees, and the service efficiency and so on many factors. Suggestions can compare several brands and have a look. How to choose suitable for the dog dog food? Shanghai pet supplies remind: in fact the stand or fall of a dog food or dog food is appropriate for your dog, often reflected in the dog feces color flavor, hair, hair volume, tone, tears, etc. Not to say love to eat dogs and cats is good, the dog won't tell which one is good dog food, which is the bad dog food. But the shovel excrement officer can be judged according to the daily dog's body changes. must choose the right.
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