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What dog dog infected people?

by:PetIdeal     2021-04-02
What dog dog infected people? All common enemy: dog dog ( Also known as dog wen) Dog not only is the enemy of golden retriever dog, is a common natural enemy of all dogs. Saw a case: a three months big golden retriever, have not been vaccinated. Later, after go out to play, the little golden retriever dog appeared out of the purulent gum, but don't pull, not twitch, just didn't spirit, appetite is not very good, walk is not very stable. He was often vomiting; Constipation, diarrhea soon, feces stink, sometimes mixed with blood and bubbles. This is typically distemper symptoms. Canine distemper is also called the dog wen, are caused by viruses highly sexual contact, acute, hot sexually transmitted diseases, the main infection within 1 year old dog, a high mortality rate. Different types of canine distemper between 50 ~ 90% mortality rate. Got the dog dog has a strong infectivity, various secretions, sick dog feces ( Nasal juice, saliva, tears, pericardial fluid, pleural effusion, ascites, and urine) And blood contain large amounts of the virus, and healthy dogs and dog both direct contact or through contaminated food or air, is likely to be via respiratory or digestive tract infections. At the same time, the disease mortality is high, is the first enemy of the dog. 1, the height of the canine distemper is a common contact viral infectious diseases, mainly through the respiratory tract infection, is caused by a virus. The fatality rate is very high, mid and late in the course of treatment is very difficult. Now generally adopt the serum antibody therapy has a certain effect in the early stages of the course of the disease, once in middle and later periods of the course of the effect is very poor. 2, the dog must be by a doctor as soon as possible, if golden retriever unfortunately virus infection, immune serum and antibiotics used in the early stages of the disease can cure thoroughly. Both the hospital and heal at home, need to prepare it for a warm, dry environment. 3, the most important thing is, you should take your dog to accept vaccination during the puppy, popular during avoid to go out, don't touch the dog and its feces and vomit. 4, there is no effective drug treatments for the disease. When a dog appear obvious symptoms with poor prognosis, even a few dog, resistance also leave sequela. Normally take specific and symptomatic therapy, prevent secondary infection, reduce death. If unfortunately, your golden retriever dog dog, you can try the following treatment: 1, in the early stages of the disease, through the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of canine distemper high serum free can receive good effect. Serum dosage - 2 per kg of body weight 2-3 ml, continuous application For three days. To control secondary infections can choose broad spectrum antibiotics, such as kanamycin, erythromycin, chloramphenicol, gentamycin, etc. To improve circulation, avoid dehydration, glucose, and electrolyte solution should be a lot of supplies. Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic drugs. 2, at the same time with strong heart, diuresis, hemostatic drugs for comprehensive treatment, in order to protect the gastrointestinal tract may also oral tannic acid protein and bismuth nitrate. 3, canine distemper virus is a kind of viral, size of 120 ~ 300 microns, the single bond for 12 NA. Canine distemper through the digestive tract or respiratory contact transmission. The virus is sensitive to uv light, high temperature, 14 hours in the sun exposure, or heating to 56 ℃ inactivated and lasts 30 minutes. 0, 4 for this disease, generally available. Concentration of caustic soda 1% or 20% concentration of bleaching powder as a disinfectant. This is not a virus infection. 5, in addition, symptomatic treatment. In order to strengthen the management of feed, offer certain nutritious, easy digestion and absorption of food. At present, the prevention of canine distemper commonly used is to use an inactivated seedlings to vaccinate puppy. The dog was born at 8 ~ 12 weeks for first vaccination, second vaccinating every two weeks. Bitches genetic antibody in the puppies at 6 ~ 8 weeks began to disappear, disappear 13 ~ 15 weeks. So, in the meantime, the immune effect is better.
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