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In addition to the dog food, dogs can eat this seven kinds of food, nutrition is more plentiful

by:PetIdeal     2021-03-02
Peacetime in addition to feed the dog dog treats, in fact, the dog can also eat a lot of food, like the following seven kinds of food, pet master to eat dogs and more adequate nutrition. 1, white rice, white rice is our staple food, pet master can give the dog dog also eat rice, extremely easy to dogs digestion and absorption, just rice cannot feed as a staple food for a long time, because of the high rice starch content, to eat many easy to obesity, feeding only once in a while is good for a dog. 2, nori seaweed rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements, also contain algae algal bile protein, has the very high nutritional value, to eat the dog dog can add a lot of nutrients, is to suggest mashing boiled for a dog to eat. Of course tell everything to a degree, so the laver also not to feed the dog too much. 3, the carrot is rich in A variety of vitamins, vitamin A is very important to maintain hair luster texture, but vitamin A also can't add too much, otherwise easy to cause vitamin A toxicity, additional carrots need to be cooked before feeding, after all the vitamin A in raw carrots are not absorbed. 4, oats oats contain rich dietary fiber, can give the dog dog daily energy, the but also can alleviate the problem of dog constipation. If a pet family dog have constipation problems, try to feed oats oh! In 5, cheese, cheese is very conducive to absorb calcium and protein, especially for the puppy healthy growth, the puppy eat cheese often can also promote the growth and development of bones and teeth, and offered to dog choice sheep cheese, protein and calcium content is very high, it is easier to digest absorb. 6, kelp seaweed is cheap, nutrition is rich, if you want to a dog's hair soft luster, might as well try some seaweed broken cooked dog feed or pet master can give the dog choose a dog treats containing deep sea fish oil, help us Mao Gu color. 7, pumpkin pumpkin in the very high nutritional value and give the dog ate pumpkin is beneficial to the health of the urinary tract, and dietary fiber is very high, the dog is very helpful to constipation or diarrhea.
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