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How to take golden retriever dog trip?

by:PetIdeal     2021-04-01
How to take golden retriever dog trip? 1, if the dog to go out to travel, go out for a walk, even if only 1 - 2 hours, people don't drink no problem, but must often give dogs filling water, especially in the summer and hot weather. 2, dog walking or running conditions, even in the winter, also need to take a rest for 30 minutes. Summer excursions with dogs, absolutely can't put the dog stay in the car, because the direct sunlight, Even in the absence of sunlight sultry weather) Temperature inside the car at a breathtaking pace, probably in less than 20 minutes will be a dog's life. 3, to avoid the hot weather or high humidity weather let dogs do strenuous exercise, walk or exercise is best done in the evening or morning. Dogs should do sports every 30 minutes to let the dog quiet rest, lower the temperature, don't long time continuous strenuous exercise, such as running, such as game, even if the dog didn't want to stop his activities.
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