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How to give golden retriever insect repellent?

by:PetIdeal     2021-03-31
How to give golden retriever insect repellent? Golden retriever in daily life, because of the improper care or diet, it is easy to produce the parasite, which is often said that the golden retriever has a bug. Especially golden retriever puppies, before 6 months, if the little golden retriever often diarrhea, first of all to doubt is there because of enteritis caused by parasites. A common cause disease in a golden retriever dog, parasites parasites generally properties of enteritis, often by roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm or ball. Due to the puppy small lumen, worm parasites, such as puppies diarrhea, angular, even vomit worms, visible worm eggs in excrement. Individual puppies can cause intestinal nested, or rectocele, seriously affect the normal development of golden retriever puppies. So be sure to attach importance to golden retriever parasites this problem. Second, how to give golden retriever insect repellent? If there is a golden retriever has this kind of situation, it is best to go to the pet hospital insect repellent needle injection, take medicine about 20 or so a needle, also had better go to the pet shop for medicine ( Common is benzene imidazole and levamisole sulfur) , and don't just give dogs eat some medicines, because people eat a lot of medicine for the dog dog is fatal. Insecticide commonly used levamisole, c sulfur imidazole can also. Oral, every 5 jins weight eat 1 piece, 1 times a day, even for 3 days, the roundworm, pinworm and hookworm and effective. Mebendazole on roundworm, pinworm, hookworm and whipworm and nematodes. Compound mebendazole ( Available zentel) Is the compatibility of mebendazole and levamisole hydrochloride, take 2 tablets, but some bloody dog appeared, the reason is not clear. Praziquantel can treat tapeworm infection, oral 10 - per kilogram of body weight 1st 20 mg, meal served. Three, the points for attention during the golden retriever insecticide 1, don't overdose, deworming drugs for 3 months before the age of 1 eat once, after one year of age 1 year at a time. If eat after a period of time, golden retrievers not pull bugs or spit worms don't have to eat anthelmintic. Who had to eat many dogs have a lot of damage. 2, do not excessive calcium: there is some dog owners afraid because gave golden retriever, afraid of the dog dog malnutrition, give the dog dog or calcium nutrition. Don't do that. Golden retrievers are easy to CHD ( Hip dysplasia) Excessive, and calcium is one of the largest fuse of the disease. 3, pregnant mother gross pay special attention to: if your mother golden retriever pregnant, it is best not to take toluene dalai azole or zentel, because these drugs may have on the small golden retriever dog mom abdomen injury. If the drive parasites can also be used to harm was destroyed ( Ivermectin) , subcutaneous injection at a time and dose prescribed.
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