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How to determine if your dog need insect repellent?

by:PetIdeal     2021-04-02
Dogs are susceptible to a variety of parasitic infections, especially the roundworm, tapeworm, dog evil silk worm, hookworm and whipworm. After the puppies are born, must regularly insect repellent, general puppies should be performed in 20 ~ 30 days after the birth of the first insect repellent. Adult insect repellent every three months at a time. Give the dog dog insecticide includes two aspects, one is the body insecticide in vitro, the second is the insect repellent. Each of the life cycle of the parasite is slightly different, but the symptoms may be similar. Whether what kind of insect repellent, to handle all don't too hard. So how do you determine your dog need insect repellent? As a professional dog parents, must understand the problem. Judge dogs have parasites in vitro method to examine the dogs have parasites in vitro method is very simple, by means of a dog hair out to see if the dog has a parasitic worm, whether to have itchy skin, the skin is the symptom such as lupus. If the dog's body all normal said the dog body without external parasites. So how do I check my dogs have parasites in the body? This is a little bit complicated! Judge dogs have endoparasite method 1, when the dog got strong appetite, but not fat, still very thin, show that dogs have a parasite. 2, the dog body have worms, can appear the symptom of poo shapeless. Can give the dog a check, because under the microscope can see the eggs. This kind of situation can also cause the dog appear diarrhea. 3, internal parasites can cause a dog appeared grinding bottom, but the dog for a long time don't clean the anus gland, can also lead to this kind of behavior. 4, if your dog more parasite, the dogs will appear the phenomenon of vomiting, vomit in May with the parasite. The dog parents to watch. The above is the small make up a pet supplies on judge dogs have parasites method is introduced, hope you can help to you.
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