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How to choose a good brand of dog food?

by:PetIdeal     2021-02-28
Increasing as the number of raising pets, pet industry developed, or whether it's in downtown or neighborhood is near the park, etc. , can always see the shadow of the pet store, many investors see the implied business opportunities, have had the idea of a pet store, but the lack of a certain business, can consider to try doing this time dog food agent, accumulated certain experience and professional knowledge, when the time is right, you can choose to open a pet store. How to become a dog food agency? Be dog food agent, will choose dog food brand first, then the agent dog food which brand is good? How to choose a good brand of dog food? Take a look at in detail! has the grain production, import food, canned dog, pet health care products, etc. , in the face of dazzling pet food, not familiar with these friends will feel confused, in fact, as long as you seize the dog food a few elements, choosing a suitable brand of dog food or easier. Do dog food agent for the preparation of 1, before doing for dog treats agent, must choose good dog food, first understand some matters needing attention, selection of dog food to choose, I will try to choose the brand agent better pet food. 2, the second note in the dog food agent, attention should be paid to choose a balanced pet food, such food can recuperate intestines and stomach. A dog is a carnivorous animal, should choose the dog food is given priority to with meat, other auxiliary. Then watch dog food formula, dog food packaging is a recipe for regulation is listed in the proportion of raw materials, the higher ranking the top, then the first second must also be meat, meat is rich in species, the more the better. Protein content is higher, the better ( Contrast formula, probably you can see more animal protein or protein) 。 3, they can take a look at some pet store sales price good dog food brand, to do some reference. Agent dog food which brand is good? Small make up recommend a better brand of dog food for everyone, and existing and lucky dog two series of products, the main business of products have all kinds of high-end canned dog food, cat food, pet, pet products and pet health care products. With New Zealand dehydrated chicken powder, Uruguay beef as a raw material, and USES the northeast corn, rice as the main raw material, more taste, nutrition is more balanced, long-term consumption, can improve pet heart health, nutrition, brain protection, prevent aging and enhance immunity, etc. Choose the benefits of dog food agent manufacturer 1, without fee, and league. 2, support a undertakes to, don't have to stock up 3, not regularly with a gift 4, pure natural dog food, no additives, dogs eat rest assured 5, 6 can OEM generation of processing dog food, product variety, can choose multiple workshop management practices, environmental equipment cleanliness, in strict accordance with the food standard production, ensure that all the factory to the quality of the product, for every love dog with high quality, delicious, safe, healthy food.

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