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by:PetIdeal     2021-03-01
Is a collection of pet food research and development, production and sales in one of the new type of comprehensive enterprise, mainly manages the cat food, dog treats, pet cans and other products, variety complete, the price is reasonable, the company has a complete and scientific quality management system, has a wealth of industry experience and professional r&d team. Company is mainly engaged in processing dog food production and operation. Always adhere to the professional, honest, trustworthy business value for the company, over the years by the vast number of dog food wholesalers, agents' consistent high praise and affirmation. Generation, dog food processing factory, the product variety is complete, the price is reasonable, deeply the general dog treats wholesalers, agents. generation processing manufacturer of pet products to provide you with quality guarantee 1, fully consider the various pet habits, physiological cycles, suitable crowd and all kinds of pet's physique, pets are picky and changeable characteristics into full play on the product. 2, the company specially developed triple quality policy, from the choice of research materials, the process of quality inspection, to the production process control, each kind of materials are selected. 3, protein, fat, dietary fiber, 17 kinds of amino acids and other nutrients index test, to ensure relevant nutrients accord with standard of commitment, to ensure that the pet health. 4, pet supplies, constantly develop and produce delicious taste, high quality new products, rich product variety. 5, add probiotics, regulate the intestinal flora, effectively protect the pet's intestinal health. 6, a balanced, long-term edible, can improve pet heart health, nutrition, brain protection, prevent aging and enhance immunity, etc. processing and economical, beginners to grasp the price, a veteran stresses the quality, the company has its own products, customers have their own products. Safety and health, the food is, as a pet food company, pay attention to the quality of the product for the customer is responsible for life. Company hope to cooperate with more partners and create a win-win situation. If you need to understand the processing dog food manufacturer for more information, please call for enquiry, we have a professional solution for you, ask for information please add WeChat: 13365291065
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