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Dog food affordable quality what brand is good?

by:PetIdeal     2021-02-28
Now a pet dog very much, the dog is a lot of families keep pets, the dogs in the process of the healthy growth of the good quality dog food is must not be less, dog food is special nutritional food for dogs, its composition is mainly through the scientific proportioning, ingredients will be used than traditional livestock and poultry feed to advanced. Dogs have its main role is to provide nutrients for growth and development. affordable quality so what brand is good? Some friends ask small make up this problem, the following Shanghai pet supplies, small make up detailed introduction to everyone by together and see it! When buying dog food should pay attention to the following: 1, look at the color of the dog food in the first place we by the color of the dog food is to be able to judge, good natural grain, the surface will not have too much oil. But without puffing texture closely. Oil on the surface of many that have too much animal fat, or surface spray treatment. Generally the deeper the color, show that the dog LiangSuo containing nutritional value will be higher. 2, watch dog treats particles break we will dog food, take a look at the internal structure of it is also able to discover something. Particle size, dog food quality is quite high. 3, we by the smell of dog smells odour LiangSuo give off flavor is also able to understand. Good natural food, taste is light. The smell of it is natural food, taste is very heavy basic will not be a natural food. Don't choose the smell flavor is very thick, or with XingShan taste, or a large oil smell, the taste of overweight is the role of spices and additives. Natural ingredients are not heavy taste, so don't walks into the erroneous zone, don't think is a good dog food. 4, watch dog's hair when a dog eat dog food over a period of time, observe its hair, if the dog's hair becomes dry and without luster, so that the dog food is not a good product, general quality dog food, and in the dog food after a period of time, the dog's hair would become smooth and glossy. Small make up recommend a economical good quality dog food brand manufacturers,. Pet supplies 1 dog food brand advantage, product variety, according to different breeds, different age stages configuration 2, especially considering the pet dogs love taste, designed to good palatability, nutrition, comprehensive and effective product 3, for different varieties, different origin, different age love dandle, tailored to the unique nutritional formula 4, specializing in high-end dog food, different price range you choose, the price is better than that of imported dog food 5, pure natural dog food - is engaged in the pet food - , cat food, pet products such as research and development, production, sales of pet food manufacturers, existing and lucky dog two series of products, the main business of products have all kinds of high-end canned dog food, cat food, pet, pet products and pet health care products. Manufacturers selling dog food, no middlemen, cheaper!
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