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20 kg dog food wholesale and how much will it cost?

by:PetIdeal     2021-03-02
is a professional pet food, we know that professional pet dog dog food is under special body structure, as well as the growing demand for nutrition and special custom. And according to different age, the growth of a dog has the dog food, the puppy food division. Parents can according to their own dog food taste, and physical condition to choose an appropriate dog food. Now more and more families like big dogs, after all, they look simple and honest lovely and like samoyeds, labrador, big dogs such as golden retrievers and is not offensive, can also be raised in the city. Many large breeds of dog owners, need to buy big dog food packaging, such as 20 kg dog food, and so how much money a bag of dog food, dog owner is very concerned about the problem. If it is too expensive or too cheap, will influence the decision problem of dog owners to buy dog food. Then how much is the wholesale price of 20 kg of dog food? Shanghai pet supplies below small make up to you in detail, together and see it! The stand or fall of dog food is each host are concerned about the problem, you know, once a dog bad dog treats is likely to see diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis, more bad dog food. Dogs if long-term consumption can lead to kidney failure problem, so want to choose cost-effective dog food. In general, sells on the market of 20 kg dog food, natural food more expensive, the food is cheaper. 20 kg dog food wholesale and how much will it cost? This need according to the dog food brands and quality to decide, popular brand of dog food prices generally will not too high, the retail price is in 400 yuan - basically Around 500, is the price of 20 yuan a kilo, it relative to many dog owners is acceptable, and that quality dog food, also can meet the need of the healthy growth of the dog. How much is the wholesale price? Generally the wholesale price is much lower than the retail store, probably about sixty percent of the retail price, or 200 yuan. Take the pet products, a full price for the huge dog dog food, mainly to add beef and chicken, high protein content, rich in the future elements and vitamins, calcium can quickly strengthen bones, good palatability, long-term consumption to improve the physique and sleek fur and enhance immunity. Its retail price in 550 yuan, the wholesale price is about 200 yuan 300 yuan. It belongs to high end dog food, it is pure natural dog food. Those cheap dog food, most is the commodity grain, as far as possible do not feed the dog. wholesalers Shanghai pet supplies remind: different growth stage of the dog of dog food nutritional requirements vary, different choice of dog food. Can't see light price, to see whether the dog is not fit to eat.
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